John-Luke Roberts


Dreamboat is your worst nightmare - an anxiety dream brought to the stage in a mix of stand-up, character comedy, and clowning. John-Luke Roberts, a highly acclaimed British comedy writer, for shows such as the BBC’s Have I Got News For You and The News Quiz and ITV’s Newzoid, tries at all times to be as stupid and as clever as possible, a form he’s dubbed “high concept, low art”.

You will meet The Monarch, an enormous nightmare character - half-John-Luke’s dad and half-a-vampire - who likes prophesying how you’ll die. Dreamboat will also feature Geoffrey Chaucer, the medieval poet, who accidentally wakes up in the wrong century and can’t get his head around the modern language. Can we stress that this show will be really very stupid.

Hallmarks of his previous shows have been heavy audience participation, lip-syncing, forcing himself to eat six lemons every performance to different covers of Johnny Cash’s hurt, bizarre confessional revelations, and insults tailored for every individual audience member.

Don’t miss this hilarious, visually exciting, and always witty assault on your senses.

'John-Luke Roberts. Funny as f*** and clever? Sure. But he is also a dick. I’d bottle him all up.' Tony Law

This is alternative comedy close to its pinnacle. The West Australian

Dates: 7-19 March  
Time: 9.45pm (55 minutes)
Venue: The Cellar
Tickets: $15 - $20

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